Our Leather

As a natural product, leather will often display traces of its past such as brand marks, scars, growth lines, veins, and areas of differing fiber density. These hallmarks in no way detract from its natural beauty.

As a product of nature, each and every hide is unique. Leather will display traces of its past; a reminder of its natural beauty and the world from where it came.

Each hide will vary in size and shape, but on average they are approximately 55 sq. ft. (roughly 5 sq. meters). Please keep in mind as you view our leathers online that colour rendition can vary on electronic screens depending on screen size and resolution. Additionally, leathers that are two or more tones in shade may not show as clearly. We recommend requesting physical samples to confirm your online selections.


There are several stages involved in tanning; ultimately this is the process that concerns transforming raw hide into leather. Through tanning, hides are permanently transformed to a stable state and their durability is drastically increased. The first hides were tanned thousands of years ago making it one of the oldest human traditions, however, much has changed in the production of leather.


This is a crucial step in the creation of a beautiful finished article. The leather is treated with aniline dyes and fatliquors. This process affects the handle, the colour and grain of the leather.


There are a number of procedures that follow-on from re-tanning that fall under the finishing process. Depending on the leather that is being made, this may involve hides being buffed, embossed, and milled, or the application of pigments, waxes, oils. Following this stage, we would have ‘finished’ leather.


Before and throughout production, our hides are subject to numerous stages of quality control. Following the completion of production, each and every batch is tested in our own onsite laboratories to ensure they comply with the highest industry standards. We have full traceability of our hides, and tests are kept on file for several years. We also work with a number of the world’s leading independent laboratories to ensure we are kept abreast of the latest testing standards and practices.


We ship worldwide from our tanneries in Italy and Thailand, and from our warehouses in the USA, UK, and South Africa.

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